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moroccan   appetizers
Morocco sits in a strategic location within the Mediterranean basin and many civilisations have left their mark on its tradition, a fact noted considerably by its cuisine. Unlike its Arab neighbours, Morocco has always been the most cosmopolitain of all. Its cuisine therefore reflects a wider range of influences both Mediterranean European as well as Middle Eastern. Vegetables and herbs used in most Mediterranean countries can be found within the repetoire of Moroccan cooking. Dishes such as the antipasti in Italy , Tapas in Spain or Mezze in Greece exist also in Morocco simply under the title "SHLADA" or in other words salads. Served around the main dish - the tagine - they form a colourful aray of mostly vegetarian dishes hot & cold. Below I have selected some of the most popular of these dishes.

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Harissa Traditionelle Received the Bronze award in 2005
Harissa is a typical North African chilli paste used as an ingredient or a relish. Harissa is a must with couscous and added to any sauce will enhance the flavours and will give your food a distinctive kick.

Although we have added the harissa as part of our appetizers range, this product is not meant to be used neat unless used as a condiment. Harissa is a very versatile chilli paste which can be used as a core of dips, marinades etc. Try this recipe

  Awarded the Bronze prize by The Guild of Fine Food Retailers in 2005

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